5000 monthly visitors in 6 Months


This page advertised a service to install truck bedliner. The page went live in April of 2017, and we began our campaign in May. The goal was to increase search engine traffic by targeting the most common search terms.

Website History

This website had fairly poor overall domain authority. The content was properly optimized, but required a substantial amount of link building in order for it to be competitive with the top results.

Our Strategy

Because the content was fairly well optimized, the page only needed minor adjustments before we began link building. We focused our efforts on increasing social shares and building high quality, relevant backlinks.

We published the content in popular niche forums, took part in Q/A websites to help answer potential users questions. Once the page started to move, we took a more aggressive link building approach by reaching out to blog owners and creating editorial content for their websites. Due to the low authority of the domain, it was essential that we took our time with this campaign. 


The page started to rank about four months after we began our campaign. 6 months after we started promoting the page, monthly traffic exceeded 5000 users.

Month 1: 0 new visitors
Month 2: 0 new visitors
Month 3: 727 new visitors
Month 4: 2,539 new visitors
Month 5: 3,665 new visitors
Month 6: 5,772 new visitors.

Once the campaign was complete, this page was bringing in over $3700 in monthly sales.

About the Author Therrol Jezierski