15,000 Monthly Visitors in 5 Months


This page advertised a common automotive component. The page went live in August of 2017, and we began our campaign early September. The goal was to increase search engine traffic by targeting a few common search terms.

Website History

The website had decent authority overall, but this particular section had very little authority. We found issues with both their internal link structure, as well as a lack of backlinks.

Our Strategy

Our first responsibility was to revamp all of the content. We added several pages of helpful information, and ensured that all of the content was formatted according to Google's Webmaster Guidelines. This meant that we added relevant headings, and placed target keywords in their ideal locations.

This campaign utilized an aggressive link building campaign targeting both relevancy and authority. We targeted a few easy keywords at the beginning, which allowed us to increase traffic very quickly. On the back end, the slower improvement of the higher end keywords made the final few months of the campaign produce record-breaking traffic.


Within six months, the page was bringing in over 15,000 monthly visitors. Our campaign increased traffic as follows:

Month 1: 0 new visitors
Month 2: 0 new visitors
Month 3: 3,217 new visitors
Month 4: 10,793 new visitors
Month 5: 15,678 new visitors

Once the campaign was complete, this page was bringing in over $5100 in monthly sales.

About the Author Therrol Jezierski